San Benedetto del Tronto a wonderfull idea not only for summer

San Bendetto del Tronto , Riviera of Palms with a total of about 8,000 palm trees of various species a unique place in Italy not only in summer.

San Bendetto del Tronto, 里维埃拉共有各类品种约8000棕榈树在意大利的一个独特之处不仅在夏季。

( San Benedetto del Tronto )

( San Benedetto del Tronto )

( Nautical Circles Sanenedettese a poetic aperitif )

( San Benedetto del Tronto )

( White Bakery  a really american flavor )

( Brodetto traditional taste ) 

Ingredients for 4 people:

1.5 / 2 kg mixed fish
(dogfish, race, Cocksfoot, monkfish, redfish, cob, cuttlefish, squid, spider, scampi)
extra virgin olive oil
White wine
white wine vinegar
green tomatoes
green and red peppers
stale bread and salt

In a large saucepan cook the onion with chopped chilli.

Just golden add squid and cuttlefish, deglaze with white wine, add tomatoes and peppers cleaned and cut and cook for a few minutes.

Add various fish remained and salt to taste, add a little vinegar and cook over low heat with the lid. Serve the soup with the bread toasted.

... the secret ingredient ... put love in doing so

( San Benedetto del Tronto )

( In Vino Veritas great aperitif )

( San Benedetto del Tronto )

( Azzari pastry shop unmissable )

( San Benedetto del Tronto )

( Grottammare )

( Ascoli Piceno )

( Caffe' Meletti Ascoli Piceno )

( Anisetta Meletti Ascoli Piceno )

( Ascoli Piceno )

( Outlet Tod's Casette D'Ete, Brancadoro Industrial district )

( Outlet Prada Casette D'Ete, Brancadoro Industrial district )

( San Benedetto del Tronto )


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