Botanic Garden Milan

The Orto Botanico di Brera, also called Hortus Botanicus Braidensis, is located in the center of Milan in the Brera Palace. The botanical garden, which in its 5000 square meters contains about 300 different species, was built by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in 1774, along with the astronomical observatory.

该沃尔托植物学迪布雷拉艺术馆,也被称为 Hortus Botanicus Braidensis, 它位于米兰的布雷拉宫中心。植物园,在其5000平方米包含约300个不同的物种,被奥地利女皇玛丽亚特里萨于1774年建成,与天文台一起

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