Munch Museum Oslo

The Munch Museum (Norwegian: Munch-Museet) is a painting museum dedicated to the artist Edvard Munch. Inside it is home to about 1,100 paintings, 3,000 drawings and 18,000 litografie.Si stands at Tøyen, in the north east of Oslo, Norway, next to the botanical garden and the museum of natural history.

蒙克博物馆(挪威语:蒙克-美术馆)是一幅画的博物馆奉献给艺术家爱德华·蒙克。里面它是家庭约1100绘画,3000图纸18000 litografie.Si站在距离Tøyen,在挪威首都奥斯陆东北部,毗邻植物园和自然史博物馆.

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