A SHORT STORY ABOUT A GIRL - Fall / Winter 2016 / 17 by Mirko Mircoli

A SHORT STORY ABOUT A GIRL -  Fall / Winter 2016 / 17   by Mirko Mircoli  

This is the story, picture by picture, of a young woman, with a complex and sweet nature that moves between moments of reflection and anticipation of new beginnings. It 's also the sentimental portrait of a contemporary femininity. A sentimental universe of references to the past and hints at a dreamlike atmosphere, mediated by a contemporary intellectual formation. "_The Fashion never covers only the clothes. It affects our mood, our expectations, attitudes and perspectives. Often, prepare means to manage all these things_ | MM | " The industrial space reveals the urban environment where history comes to life and the dark and enigmatic atmosphere of contrasts, accentuated by the use of lights, magnifies the intimacy of these shots.

这是故事,画面由画面,一名年轻女子,用一个复杂而甜蜜的本性的反思和新的开始期待的时刻之间移动。这也是当代女性气质多愁善感的画像。和过去的参考提示的感伤宇宙在梦一般的 的氛围,现代知识分子的形成介导的。 “_ 时尚永远只包括衣服它影响我们的心情,我们的期望,态度和观点通常情况下,准备手段来管理所有这些_|。MM|”产业空间显示在这里的历史来生活和黑暗和城市环境对比神秘的氛围,利用灯光的加剧,放大了这些镜头的亲密关系。


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