The church of Santa Maria at San Satiro

The church of Santa Maria at San Satiro is a parish church in Milan. Construction of the church was undertaken at the end of the fifteenth century at the behest of the Duke Gian Galeazzo Sforza and later continued by Ludovico il Moro as part of an ambitious program of renewal of the arts in the Duchy, which provided among other things to call at the court Milan artists from all over Italy: in fact, the building was designed according to the new Renaissance style imported in the duchy by Donato Bramante. The church, built incorporating the oldest chapel of Saint Satyr from which it took its name, is famous for hosting the so-called fake Bramante's choir, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance perspective painting.

教堂 Santa Maria 在 San Satiro 这是米兰教区教堂。教堂的建设在公爵吉安·加莱亚佐·斯福尔扎的授意下于十五世纪结束时进行,后来被卢多维科金正日莫罗继续作为公国艺术,除其他外提供了复兴的雄心勃勃的计划的一部分,在法庭上呼吁来自全国各地的意大利米兰的艺术家:其实,大楼按照由布拉曼特公国进口的新文艺复兴风格的设计。这座教堂建结合圣色狼最古老的教堂从它采取它的名字,是著名的举办所谓的假布拉曼特的合唱团,意大利文艺复兴时期的绘画视角的杰作。

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