April 25

Today is an important day in Italy and I commemorate.

The uncle was a partisan and a night, during the Nazi-Fascist raids, he hid with other partisans in the grandfather's farm. Grandfather hid them and despite being shaken to reveal where the partisans were, so he saved the uncle.

Unfortunately the uncle was later raided near Trieste and destined for the concentration camp of Mauthausen-Gusen and he was released only after the opening of concentration camps at the end of the war. As the aunt said, waiting for him all the time, he returned in desperate conditions; but slowly
he resumed and in these photos has a bright smile.

Maternal uncles, unable to have children, they grew up and educated, the mother remained orphaned, the grandparents the dad, and my parents knew and fell in love only later in the late sixties when my dad had the happy idea of going to the sea in the same place where my mother went to the sea.

When they decided to get married about thirty years after that "black night", the mom and the aunts came to know the parents of the dad. 

The uncle acknowledged, in that circumstance, the farm where a gentleman hid him and recognized the grandfather who saved them.

I commemorate, with a family remembrance, all the Italians who fought Nazi-Fascism by giving life to the Italian Republic and the Italian Constitution, which should be read and applied by everyone, article by article, with renewed respect and renewed commitment.

( maternal uncle )

( paternal grandparents)

( the grandmother and the uncle on the day I received the baptism )

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